Today, Artificial Intelligence is well in practice all around you, from Siri in the iPhone to getting recommendations based on shopping history on Amazon.

Artificial intelligence has been on the rise, especially this decade, and can do some interesting things like composing it’s own piece on the piano.

With technology giants like Amazon, Google and Tesla thriving to push their resources into Artificial Intelligence, it’s about time we saw AI being used in Dating Companies.

Let’s now see how AI helps you find the right match.

Gone are the days when Online dating was just laughed off. Today, young adults and professionals are taking time out of their busy lives to find their perfect match using dating websites and apps. With the hoard of dating apps in the market, a perfect differentiation between them would be how well they match the users.

So wait. How is machine learning going to help me get the best match?

When you use a dating app, you are usually asked a lot of questions about who you are, what you want and your likes and interests. Your answers are cross referenced with people who gave similar answers and then these people are matched with you. These matches might be relevant if both you and your match answer these questions truthfully. But history has proven that that’s often not the case.

What if the dating app could understand what you want. Let me rephrase that. What if it could learn what you want based on how you behave with your current matches and predict your matches you would want in the future.

For instance, let’s take the case when the user is swiping through profiles. You may have replied that you are interested in only people with a Master’s Degree. But it’s often the case that you make an exception for somebody because they had other characteristics which compensated for a master’s degree. This is where Machine learning works it’s magic. Based on this behavior, the recommender system also matches you with people with similar characteristics( No Master’s degree but other highly compensating characteristics). Gradually, the more you use the dating app, the more the machine knows about you and thus, better matches for you.

All is good and well when you get matches who you find attractive. But what is the point if it’s only one sided ie. she/he doesn’t find you attractive. You wouldn’t get a response if your match doesn’t find you attractive. So, to help you save time, the intelligent dating app analyses the response rate of the messages you sent to your matches and other features and then evaluates what kind of people find you attractive.

What is this attractiveness score?

Attractiveness score is a cross feature which is calculated based on a set of attributes such as confidence levels, matching likes, response rate etc. The features used to calculate this score will depend on the kind of data that can be extracted from a dating app.

This attractiveness score will help find the kind of people who would find you attractive and thereby increasing response rate.

Apart from these, there are other relevant features which can be used to make the recommendation engine more efficient, but it would vary with different dating apps.

Thus, AI helps you decide the right match where you and only you decide how you get your match.

We, at Marax AI, are currently helping Datings Apps/Websites integrate Artificial Intelligence so that they show relevant matches and keep their customers happy.

Powered by Marax’s AI Engine, which uses a combination of advanced machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and other proprietary algorithms, it can help dating apps recommend personalized and accurate matches for every user.